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Log Cabin Republicans of Minnesota Condemns Actions Taken by Senator Neuville and Limmer to Retain Silly and Senseless Laws

For Immediate Release Contact: Terrell Brown, President
March 20, 1999                       612-371-3014

Minneapolis, Minnesota: Log Cabin Republicans of Minnesota condemn the actions taken by Senator Neuville (R, Northfield) and Senator Limmer (R, Maple Grove) to maintain laws that outlaw sexual activities between consenting adults in the privacy of their own home.

"These actions by Senators Neuville and Senator Limmer violate the core values of the Republican Party, which include limited government, personal responsibility, and low taxes." comments Terrell Brown, President of Log Cabin Republicans of Minnesota. "These types of attitudes by some Republicans give the public the perception of a party that is out of touch with the average Minnesotan. The tedious comparison of the sodomy laws with laws against prostitution and child sexual abuse is an insult to all gay and heterosexual adults who violate the sodomy statute within the privacy of their relationships with their spouse, or partner."

Log Cabin Republicans is concerned that if Republican members of the house and Senate continue to favor laws regulating private sexual behavior, and stepped up enforcement of those provisions, that they will make themselves vulnerable to defeat in the next elections. "The Reform Party is already marketing to fiscally conservative, socially tolerant Minnesotans, comments Eva Young, Secretary, Log Cabin Republicans of Minnesota. "The average Minnesotan thinks the government has better things to do than to regulate what goes on in people’s bedrooms. If Republicans continue to listen to out of touch, antigay organizations like the Minnesota Family Council, and fail to listen to their constituents, they will lose the state house in the next election. The Republican Party of Minnesota Platform does not include a plank that supports these outdated, and out of touch laws. If the Republican Party doesn’t move to counteract the impression people have of a party that is overtly hostile to gays, they will continue to alienate not only gays, but the mainstream independent and moderate Republican voters."

"It is a mistake to stand against the overwhelming tide of public opinion," said Rich Tafel, executive director of Log Cabin Republicans, the national gay Republican organization. "The more that Senators Neuville and Limmer give the GOP an extremist, intolerant face, the more than mainstream, libertarian Minnesotans will flock to other camps, like the Reform Party."

Log Cabin Republicans of Minnesota is a grass roots inclusive Republican organization. Log Cabin Republicans of Minnesota is affiliated with Log Cabin Republicans, the nation’s largest gay and lesbian Republican organization, with state and local chapters nationwide, a full-time Washington office and a federal political action committee.

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