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Triangle Foundation/ACLU File Federal Lawsuit Against City of Detroit Police Department

Triangle Foundation v. City of Detroit

Remarks of Jeffrey Montgomery, Executive Director of Triangle Foundation, December 17, 2001

Press Conference with ACLU of Michigan Announcing the filing of a Federal Court lawsuit against the Detroit Police Department

So why are we here?

We’re here today to protect civil rights —that’s the short answer.

We’re here —and now in Federal Court—because of outrageous police activity and behavior; police profiling; an overactive prosecutor; and to combat homophobia.

We’re here in a much broader sense because now, today, more than ever, someone has to monitor and cal out examples and instances of abuse of authority —abuse of public trust.

Law enforcement -from the U.S. Attorney General on down the line—has sought and to a large extent has been granted some very far-reaching powers since 9-11. We all need to be sure that law enforcement is deserving of our trust. In the case of the Detroit Police and Wayne County Prosecutor in these instances, they have failed their test of trust.

We’re here to try and restore some of the damage done to the individual men who have been victims of police abuse, as well a to redress the abuse of public trust.

We need to acknowledge that not all entities in the City have collaborated in this profiling. The City Council has been helpful in dealing with these outrageous profiling and civil rights abuses. We thank Council and Are sorry that others in leadership of the City —the Police and the Wayne County Prosecutor-have not shared in finding a solution; but then they are the problem.

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