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Prosecutor’s New Standards Called "Positive Step," "Vindication" By Triangle

Police Agencies Put on Notice to Follow the Lead

Triangle Foundation Release, August 6, 2001
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Detroit — Triangle Foundation has called new policies of the Wayne County Prosecutor relating to "sexual misconduct" in public places, "a significant, positive step in the right direction and a vindication of our longstanding effort to reform the practices of law enforcement." The Prosecutor’s office issued specific standards and clarifications of the policies dictating vehicle forfeitures and charges such as "Indecent and Obscene Conduct," "Solicitation," and "Annoying Person."

Jeffrey Montgomery, Executive Director of Triangle Foundation, made the following comments after reviewing the policy and new standards:

"Triangle Foundation and the gay community have won the first round in the effort to reform police and prosecutorial behavior, and in the pursuit of human rights and equality for gays in Detroit and Michigan.

"These policies are a significant, positive step in the right direction and a vindication of the longstanding struggle of the Triangle Foundation to correct the practices of law enforcement. These reforms are a result of our campaign to expose abusive police practices, including ‘Bag a Fag’ operations throughout the state. We are pleased with the guidelines issued today by Mr. Duggan, and we support the Prosecutor to the extent that what is on paper will be evident in the reality of enforcement by various police agencies. The burden is now on agencies like the Detroit Police and Wayne County Sheriff’s departments to carry through these very clear directives.

"These new rules may have a positive effect in the future, but there are still hundreds of men whose cases have resulted from past actions of the police, in Detroit’s Rouge Park and elsewhere. Those cases will continue to be monitored by Triangle, and legal relief for innocent citizens will be aggressively pursued.

"As has been evident in recent hearings at Detroit City Council, and during the years that Triangle Foundation has been fighting police profiling of gay men, and abuse of power on the part of ‘gay-for-the-day’ decoy operations, it is ultimately up to the police to be fair and treat citizens fairly. The prosecutor seems to say today that rogue cops will no longer be supported when it comes time to issue warrants if people’s rights have been violated, or if the decoys have crossed the line of what is legal.

"We certainly take the Prosecutor at his word when he says that he is committed to equal enforcement and that the same standards of justice must be blind to the known or perceived sexual orientation of any citizen. We hope that this enlightened approach will carry over to county and city police agencies as well."


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