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Beware Young Lovers of Sterling Heights Parks

Detroit News, February 5, 1998
615 W. Lafayette, Detroit, MI 48226
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By Hawke Fracassa / The Detroit News

STERLING HEIGHTS--Some say police in this city want to ban romance in the park.

But police insist they are asking for an ordinance that would target prostitutes and same-sex solicitors, who for the last two years have used city parks.

Under the proposal, authorities could seize and sell the cars of people having sex in them, as well as arrest anyone who asks another person for a date in a city park that would lead to "any sexual activity."

The requested ordinance was criticized by a Detroit gay activist. "The police's selective enforcement will be a way to harass gay people," said Jeff Montgomery of the Triangle Foundation.

Councilman Jay Pollard said the proposed law harms teens. "If having sex in the back seat is against the law, then everybody who makes out will be going to jail."

Resident Gerry Sieja agreed. "It's not obvious who's being targeted -- teens, prostitutes or gays."

A council review is expected in about two weeks.

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