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Letter: Definition of Sodomy Shouldn't Be Ignored

Cumberland Times-News, April 1, 1999
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Words must have a source in accepted truth or one could never be understood to say what one really believes.

For example, if one were to say Bill Clinton is a sodomite, then some people might object. Yet by Webster's Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary definition that is exactly the truth (Please look it up for yourself).

Parris Glendening, by definition, is found to support sodomy by seeking to protect homosexuality, and Cas Taylor also supports sodomy by favoring laws to protect homosexuals, according to the dictionary definition.

One can read in the Times-News March 26 article that pastors Lloyd McCanna and Norton Harris also support sodomy by trying to protect homosexual activity. I think that these people must be ignorant of this definition of sodomy, which includes bestiality. Certainly they can not really mean to support what they say they do. It sounds like these people claim to encourage the acts of sodomites. I hope this is not true.

– Eric Kitchen, Ellerslie

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