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Letter: Clinton denigrates nation's moral values

Hutchinson News, May 24, 1998
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Hutchinson, KS 67504
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Bill Clinton has done more to denigrate the moral values of our country than all other presidents have ever done in our more than 200 years of history.

His attempt at homosexualizing our armed services is more than sufficient evidence to impeach him. On this score alone, Christians know that homosexuality isn't only a crime, it's a high crime committed against society and the family.

For reasons unknown to Americans, our politicians have not seen Clinton in his degenerative being, nor have they taken notice that Clinton never did lean heavily on American patriotism. He always has been an international socialist, especially when he enlisted his services in the Communist Party.

If you are disturbed about my comments, you undoubtedly are telling your children and grandchildren that homosexuality is an alternate lifestyle, which could convince me that you are a confirmed left-winger and part of the problem that is making Clinton such a disaster in the White House, where he really only represents less than a third of the country.

-- Cliff Stadig, Dodge City

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