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Letter: Chain of Criminals

Capital-Journal, April 21, 1998
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Thanks to Rita Cline for pointing out how absurd it is to try to enforce a really bad law. If her interpretation is correct, then the state of Kansas cannot enter into contracts with over 3,000 companies because these companies recognize gay persons as they would anyone else.

Cline, in her official position, sees gay people as criminals. By definition, it is difficult to be homosexual and not engage in homosexual sex. To follow her line of reasoning and the law, Kansas governments, at all levels, because this is a state law, will have to investigate every company's benefit package before engaging them in business. Sorry, no more IBM computers for this state.

Perhaps more importantly, as Rita Cline suggests, anyone who is openly gay and receives taxpayer dollars will have to be fired and prosecuted.

We will have to root through the police department, the fire department, city and state governments, lawyers and courts to find out who is gay and eliminate them from the system, because they are gay and therefore, violating the Kansas law. We will have to go through the universities and schools to identify the professors and students that are gay "criminals," supported by taxpayer dollars. We will have to monitor all those from outside our borders who are in the stereotype gay "trades," the actors, musicians, artists, flight attendants.

It is a crime in itself to advocate or conceal a crime. If someone "comes out" to you, his parents, his religious leader, a friend, is there then an obligation to make a police report? If you don't report it, then are you also a criminal, or worse, if you're happy that that person has found someone to love and have sex with, enter into a same sex domestic relationship that includes sex, and maybe benefits, and you are happy for them and you advocate that they do just that, are you committing a second crime? How many of us are criminals now?

We can either do away with this stupid sodomy law or enforce it as has been done historically. We have the pink triangles already, but can we find a railroad, for cattle-car deportation, that is not owned by a company that offers same-sex domestic benefits?

-- Dave Boulter, Topeka

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