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Letter: Companies Law-Abiding

Capital-Journal, April 21, 1998
661 NE Jefferson Street, Topeka, KS 66607
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Poor Rita Cline. While she may have proved herself an expert at number- crunching, she has once again shown herself to be weak in other basic skills of managing the county treasurer's office. Bless her heart -- someone in the county's legal department needs to take her by the hand and help her with other operations. The poor dear has had the Shawnee County Treasurer's Office relying on the legal counsel of a disbarred local attorney.

Someone please help her understand that doing business with a company that provides domestic partnership benefits to unmarried couples does not necessarily mean the company's employees are breaking Kansas' law that prohibits same-sex sodomy but legalizes sodomy between unmarried heterosexuals. After all, how many of the company's employees have been arrested for committing sodomy in Kansas? And please help her understand that sodomy is not illegal in every state; in fact, it is legal in the state where the company is based, so its employees are presumably just as law-abiding as the venerable Ms. Cline and her esteemed legal counsel.

-- Samantha Mee, Topeka.

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