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Pedophilia Meets Homophobia in Happy Cultural Sinkhole, February 2, 2004
The Morning Fix

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Fertile weeds from the savage garden of the SF Gate newswires

By Mark Morford

Kansas can punish illegal sex with young people much more harshly when it involves homosexual acts, the state Court of Appeals snidely and viciously and hatefully and face-slappingly ruled. Judge Henry W. Green Jr., noted hunk of crusty mysterious reeking glop on the boot-heel of radiant life, scribbled in red bloody pen in the 2-1 decision that legislators could justify differing penalties for homosexual versus heterosexual sodomy in plenty of ways, including greater health risks or an attempt to ďencourage and preserve the traditional sexual mores of society,Ē and yes he actually wrote that and lightning did not strike his sanctimonious homophobic ass dead on the spot, because this is really how they think and itís freakiní Kansas and it just makes your soul curdle. The ruling rejected an appeal by Matthew R. Limon, who was sentenced to more than 17 years in prison for having sex when he was 18 with a 14-year-old boy in 2000. He was convicted of sodomy. Had Limonís partner been an underage girl, he could have been sentenced at most to one year and three months in prison. So letís recap: Straight sex with a minor gets you about a year in prison. Gay sex with the same minor gets you 17 years. Sex with a gay-bashing imbecile piss-ant judge from Kansas will get you a nice shiny bloodstained key to the Gates of everlasting whimpering fear-mongering Hell. Meanwhile, the roughly 1.7 million 14-16 year-olds who are having all sorts of sex right this minute in this country were all like, oh my freaking God am I ever happy I donít live in Kansas.

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