Last edited: February 27, 2005

Marriage Defense Act Needs to Be Redirected

Palladium-Item, February 23, 2005
P.O. Box 308, Richmond, IN 47375

A bill is making its way through the state Legislature, “The Defense of Marriage Act.” Its real purpose is not to defend marriage.

Were legislators really out to defend marriage, wouldn’t they repeal divorce laws? Wouldn’t they restore (or call for enforcement of) laws prohibiting adultery and fornication? Why don’t they go after bastardy and the mothers of babies born out of wedlock? Why the lawmakers don’t tackle these matters that do far more to undermine traditional marriage seems obvious: such steps would be politically dangerous.

So they target the last segment of society against whom bigotry may be directed without incurring much backlash, gays and lesbians. Let’s be candid. The real reason some craven legislators make gays and lesbians the scapegoats for all the changes in society and the law that organized prejudice deplores and that have transformed marriage, family and adult relationships seems pretty plain. Many lawmakers know full well their gesture is simply closing the barn door after the horses have galloped away. But foolishly they pretend they are defending marriage.

—Peter Cline, Richmond

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