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Gay Rights Activists Plan Event on Friday

Idaho Statesman, February 13, 2003
P. O. Box 40, Boise, ID 83707
Fax: 208-377-6449

By Statesman staff

During an event Friday at the Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial, human rights advocates will remember gay men who died in Nazi concentration camps and protest an Idaho law that prohibits homosexual acts.

The event will take place from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Friday at the memorial on 8th Street in Boise.

Volunteers from Your Family Friends and Neighbors will dress as concentration camp victims with a pink triangle insignia to remember the gay men who died in the concentration camps. The pink triangle was used to designate prisoners who violated a German law prohibiting homosexual acts among men.

The group also will voice its objection to an Idaho statute that prohibits "crimes against nature," including sodomy.

Organizers expect about a dozen people to participate.

Your Family Friends and Neighbors is a Treasure Valley group that supports gay rights issues.

The Anne Frank memorial is located behind the Log Cabin Literary Center at 801 S. Capital Blvd.

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