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  • Statute: Repealed 1973


            1841     A series of laws is enacted while Hawaii still was an independent nation, including a puzzling edict that “men and boys are forbidden to run in crowds after new things. Whosoever does this in an indecent manner shall be punished thus; he shall be taken to the house of confinement and remain till he pay a rial [unit of currency], and be sent at liberty.”

            1946     The first sodomy-related case ever to reach the U.S. Supreme Court involves the entrapment of a man by military police into solicitation. The Court refuses to hear the case.

            1983     The Hawaii Supreme Court, in a non-sodomy case, discusses the state’s explicit privacy rights amendment to the constitution and decides that it still does not protect sodomy from prosecution, even though the state has repealed its sodomy law. This means the state would be free to reenact a sodomy law at any time.


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