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Attorney General Candidates Offer Views (excerpt)

Arkansas Democrat & Gazette, May 25, 1998
Box 2221, Little Rock, AR 72203
(Fax 501-372-3908)
(no letters from outside Arkansas; 250 word limit)

By Bill Simmons

. . . The Anti-Sodomy Law

Questions: What is your opinion of the constitutionality of the Arkansas law under which homosexual sodomy is a crime (a Class A misdemeanor)? Would you strenuously defend the statute if it were challenged in court during your tenure as attorney general?

Pryor: "The current Arkansas anti-sodomy law is arguably constitutional under the reasoning of the United States Supreme Court ruling in Bowers v. Hardwick. It is the attorney general's statutory duty to defend the laws of this state, and I will do so."

Dickey: "The Arkansas law banning homosexual sodomy is constitutional under federal constitutional law. Yes, I would defend the statute." . . .

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