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Uphold Morality in Arizona!

Focus on The Family Alert, April 24, 2001

Pro-family advocates in Arizona need IMMEDIATE help in stopping the state from giving its official stamp of approval to homosexual sex, adultery, cohabitation and lewd and lascivious sexual acts that have been illegal since statehood.

The state Senate could vote as early as Thursday on HB 2016, a bill that would repeal existing state laws banning sodomy, cohabitation and lewd and lascivious acts. It would also repeal one law prohibiting adultery. If the bill makes it into law, homosexual sex, adultery and cohabitation would be placed on the same level as the husband-wife relationship.

The state House has already passed the bill.

Consider the fallout if HB 2016 passes:

* Repealing laws banning cohabitation and sodomy would undermine efforts to uphold traditional morality. For example, Scottsdale and other cities are considering providing benefits and subsidies to unmarried sex partners, whether homosexual or straight. The only legal basis for opposing spending taxpayer money on these benefits is found in the laws against cohabitation and sodomy.

* There will be no legal basis for opposing future elements of the homosexual agenda, including homosexual adoption and special job protection for homosexuals and the transgendered. The state would be one step closer to making criminals out of business owners and even pastors who refuse to hire openly homosexual job applicants.

* If we cannot draw moral boundaries related to sexual activity, how do we oppose bestiality (sex with animals), polygamy, bigamy and even the sexual abuse of children?

TAKE ACTION (for Arizona residents only):

1. Pray that God would bring about the defeat of HB 2016.

2. Contact the following individuals and urge them to "OPPOSE HB 2016!"

Gov. Jane Hull
Phone: 602-542-4331
E-mail from Web site:

Sen. President Randall Gnant
Phone: 602-542-4138

House Speaker Jim Weiers
Phone: 602-542-4639

3. Please distribute this to your friends, family members and others interested in protecting Arizona's families.

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