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Gov. Hull’s Letter

May 9, 2001

Dear Speaker Weiers:

Today I signed into law House Bill 2016. I listened to advocates for both sides, I read messages from constituents with different points of view, I talked to my closest advisors and I examined my own conscience. At the end of the day, I returned to one of my most basic beliefs about government — it does not belong in our private lives.

The laws that are repealed by HB 2016 are unenforced and unenforceable. Keeping archaic laws on the books does not promote high moral standards; instead it teaches the lesson that laws are made to be broken. Moral standards are set by families and those they turn to for guidance, such as religious and community leaders. We learn much more from watching their behavior than from any written laws or rules.

It is unfortunate that extremists on both sides of this issue have chosen to publicly and privately vilify each other to advance their positions. No one wins when a debate turns ugly. Make no mistake — passage of House Bill 2016 will not end the discussion; many issues raised by this measure are left for future lawmakers.

People should not interpret my signature on this bill as a signal that I condone all of the conduct that this bill makes lawful; I don’t. But I choose not to judge the conduct of others, even when I know others will judge me for signing this bill.


Jane Dee Hull, Governor

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