Last edited: November 15, 2003

Arizona Governor Flooded with Emails on Sodomy Repeal

The Advocate, May 8, 2001

As of last Friday, Arizona governor Jane Hull had received 3,839 E-mails urging her to veto a bill that would repeal the state’s century-old sodomy law, The [Phoenix] Arizona Republic reports. Hull received 1,834 E-mails urging her to sign the bill. Many of the E-mails were prompted by a missive sent to more than 2,500 Arizona families by Len Munsil, head of the Center for Arizona Policy. In his E-mailed letter, Munsil said that the sodomy repeal, which is sponsored by openly gay state representative Steve May, is just the first of many items on the "homosexual agenda." The next, Munsil wrote, would be the lowering of the "age for sexual consent to 14 or even 12." Hull has until Tuesday to veto the bill, sign it, or allow it to become law without her signature. Her office has not said which move she will make.

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