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Letter: Littleton Problem Is Deeper Than Gun Control Issue

Prescott Courier, May 4, 1999
147 N. Cortez, Prescott, AZ 86301

It is sad to see another school shooting and the loss of those young lives. Now we hear the echoes of gun control again, which some think is the cure-all for every crime problem.

Never mind the violence and sex that our young children see day after day on television and in movies. Never mind the "music" that some parents let their children listen to.

Some parents do try to regain control in their homes, but here comes the United Nations Convention of the Children. They believe children as young as 8 years should be able to sue their parents. Now here comes our Arizona state legislators, who approved a bill that will now legalize adultery, co-habitation and sodomy.

The approval of this bill tells our youth of today that it is OK to have a sexual relationship outside of marriage and forget those vows of marriage. Do whatever makes you feel good. Forget what your Sunday school teachers and pastors taught you. Better yet, this bill tells everyone to forget your biblical values and "shack up." Everyone does it.

They attached these provisions to SB1396. Everyone should call Brenda Burns to oppose this bill. Also voice your opinion to the governor.

-- Karen J. Hunt, Prescott

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