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Phoenix Sexual Liberty Activists Need Your Help

The Woodhull Freedom Federation, December 31, 2003

A Message To Our Friends And Allies From The Woodhull Freedom Federation

The Woodhull Freedom Federation has entered the struggle in Phoenix against that city’s repressive and, we believe, unconstitutional prosecution of gay men’s and swingers’ private clubs. We need your help on this important effort, not just from those in Phoenix, but nationally as well.

For five years, an agency of the City of Phoenix has been raiding and harassing swingers’ clubs under a local ordinance that makes it a crime to “operate a live sex act business.” Recently, a gay men’s bathhouse was also raided under that ordinance. These actions fly directly in the face of the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling, in Lawrence v. Texas, that governments cannot take action against private sexual-expression solely to impose moral views on its citizens. This ordinance has no legitimate justification. Moreover, its enforcement has discriminatively targeted sexual minorities—swingers and GLBT clubs—while ignoring businesses (like adult motels) that obviously fall within the terms of this ordinance.

This will not be an easy battle. Powerful religious political extremist groups, notably the Community Defense Counsel, are behind the Phoenix oppression and will pull out all the stops to continue what they see as a significant vindication of their anti-sex agenda. However, even though Phoenix is in many ways a conservative city, polls show public disapproval of these raids and the local press has thus far been largely on our side. Phoenix residents are organizing politically to fight this battle, but they need your help. WFF is helping these activists as part of our initiative to help local communities organize around issues of sexual liberty. Please take a moment to write a letter to the City Council about this important issue. Email letters can be sent to the appropriate City Council representatives automatically at You can find form letters or create your own. All email addresses are provided.

Please feel free to share this email with appropriate individuals, groups and organizations.

Thank you for your help and support.


Judy A. Guerin
Co-director, Woodhull Freedom Federation

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The Woodhull Freedom Foundation and Federation (WFF) are devoted to education and public advocacy in support of the proposition that safe and consensual sexual _expression is a fundamental human right.

Based in Washington, DC, WFF brings together experienced, successful sexual freedom activists who seek to eliminate the barriers, governmental and private, to expressions of human sexuality in the United States and around the world. Helping to mobilize diverse grassroots communities, WFF utilizes lobbying, outreach, and education to help change antiquated and unjust sex laws.

WFF supports civil liberties, primarily emphasizing issues of sexual _expression, sexual orientation, gender and racial discrimination.

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