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Undesirable lifestyle Re: the April 9 article "Domestic violence proposal excludes gays."

Arizona Daily Star, April 22, 1998
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Sen. David Petersen’s, R-Mesa, remark that "those of us who are opposed to that type of lifestyle" should not allow a weakening of the laws against sodomy, begs for comment.

Often today, in an age of greater enlightenment concerning human sexuality, we hear negative reaction to any attempts to provide basic rights to lesbians and gays.

There is a malignant minority of people whose major lifetime goal appears to be enacting legislation which oppresses same-sex relationships. Justification for this oppression often cites the antiquated, unenforced and unenforceable laws against sodomy. If gay people are given certain rights and protections, the argument goes, we may as well grant "special" protections to murderers as well.

To those of us who gratefully use God’s gift of reasoning, we find there is no comparison between the laws against murder that are aggressively enforced and the laws against the undefinable "crime of sodomy" that remain a sad joke in the book of laws.

In addition, the term "lifestyle" is misapplied when talking about same-sex relationships. We are simply living our lives as God designed for us, deeply loving someone who happens to be our same sex. If we wish to use the term lifestyle appropriately, we can begin with those like Petersen who try to legislate their hatred and ignorance. Those are the ones who have chosen a lifestyle that emanates from somewhere deep, dark and evil.

-- Art Boehm, Vail

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