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Greatest reader hits and the ‘%$# Posse’ (Excerpts)

Arizona Republic, May 20, 2001
Box 1950, Phoenix, AZ 85001
Fax: 602-271-8933

By David Leibowitz

These past few weeks, the mailbag has started to bulge. You know the drill: So many queries, so little airtime, so few column inches. Still, one hates to let such rapier-like wit go to waste. Thus, for your reading pleasure, here’s a medley of the audience’s recent greatest hits: %&*?@$%,

Just got through with your May 6 drivel about Hull and the gay sex laws . . . Wouldn’t you people be better off if you kept it to your selfs and in your own bedroom? It’s not like Arpaio has an %$# Posse knocking down bedroom doors to take you to jail. But I guess you’d probably like jail anyway, right? #$&%$!

What, you thought I was kidding about rapier-like wit? Give the above e-mailer some credit, though: How much would you like to bet, right now the sheriff is busy forming America’s first-ever "%$# Posse"?

From: It seems that you endorse a continued degradation of our Arizona laws. Such a pitty . . . You could be a force for good. People of the behavior You and Steve May would advance are on more sign of the low moral level that our country is descending into.

Hey, Chili, good points. Well, at least on good point. By the way, pitty Your spellchecker is busted.

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