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  • Statute: Repealed 1980


            1867     When the United States buys Alaska from the Russians, Alaska has no criminal laws whatsoever. Five years before, the Russian Czar, in a fit of anger, revoked all Russian law there. Not only is sodomy therefore legal, but so where murder, rape, arson, and every other crime. This situation remains for 17 years after purchase by the U.S. until Congress enacted a law to give some stability to Alaska.

            1955     Alaska enacts the nation’s first law forbidding the sale of comic books that portray “sexually indecent subject matter such as adultery, homo-sexuality, sadism, masochism or other perversions.”

            1971     The Alaska legislature, thinking it is removing surplus language in a clean-up of state law, accidentally legalizes oral sex. When pointed out to it by the Alaska Supreme Court, the legislature makes no effort to correct the “error” and later repeals the remaining portion of the sodomy law.


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