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Outspoken Alabama Chief Justice Meets with Gay Minister

Washington Blade, February 28, 2003

MONTGOMERY, Ala.—A gay retired minister met with Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore last week and said the outspoken judge didn’t change his views on homosexuality, which he has called “an inherent evil,” according to the Associated Press. Felicia Fontaine, former pastor of predominately gay Huntsville Metropolitan Community Church, met for about 30 minutes Feb. 19 with Moore at his Montgomery office. “We left there agreeing to disagree,” Fontaine said, describing the meeting as “cordial, personable and polite.” Court spokesperson Tom Parker said Moore didn’t know Fontaine and other members of Soulforce Alabama were coming but agreed to meet with her. “The justice was respectful but firm in his position,” Parker said. A year ago, the Alabama Supreme Court voted unanimously to award custody of three children to a heterosexual man in Birmingham, saying he was better suited to raise the children, despite abuse allegations, than their mother, who lives in California in a domestic partnership with another woman. “The common law designates homosexuality as an inherent evil, and if a person openly engages in such a practice, that fact alone would render him or her an unfit parent,” Moore wrote. Fontaine said she told Moore that his comments “dehumanized a whole class of people.”

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