Last edited: November 23, 2003

Letter: Sodomy Case Was Civil, Not Religious

Mobile Register, July 11, 2003
P. O. Box 2488, Mobile, AL 36630

Ultra-conservative groups are outraged that the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the Texas sodomy law with an unprecedented vote of 6-3.

If we could all step off the religious soapbox for a minute, please: This is not a religious issue. This is a civil rights issue. Religious groups can choose whether to agree or disagree with homosexuality. Their freedom of conscience is as vital as gays’ freedom to be treated equally under civil law. And there is no reason that the two cannot coexist.

The Catholic Church, for example, opposes remarriage after divorce. But it doesn’t seek to make civil divorce and remarriage illegal for everyone. Similarly, churches can well decide their take on homosexuality in their own time and on their own terms while allowing the government to be neutral between competing visions of the good life. We can live and let live.

We need not all agree on the issue of homosexuality to believe that the government should treat every citizen alike. Disapproval does not mean disrespect. And, if the expression of love between two committed, consenting adult people in the privacy of their own home is not worthy of respect, then what is?

—Michelle McHugh, Montevallo

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