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Letters on Roy Moore and Fred Phelp

Birmingham News, April 3, 2002
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Letter: Phelps Oversteps Moral Bounds

I read your article titled "Church group outnumbered at anti-gay protest" with disgust.

I was appalled at Fred Phelps Jr.’s reasoning for the attacks on Sept. 11. How could anyone believe that so many innocent people lost their lives in retaliation from God for homosexuality? Is this not the most horrific idea one could have? This is no different than Afghans dancing in the street after the attacks.

And I thought that Chief Justice Roy Moore had overstepped the bounds with his comments last month. Now, I realize that he was tame in evoking common law to defend himself. At least he didn’t use the worst act of terrorism ever to occur in our country as a logical defense against homosexuals and their lifestyles.

I do not believe that we need outside influences interfering with our affairs here in Alabama, especially when these influences perpetuate the idea that any person or group is "inherently evil."

I beg for these people to re-examine their Bibles and see that God created man in his image. I therefore cannot agree that God is either "inherently evil" or spiteful toward his creation. I can only wish that people so full of hate will take their ignorance as well as their obsolete and archaic social beliefs and go where someone will listen. I hear the Taliban has plenty of openings.

—Jimm Brower, Irondale


Letter: Paper Attacks Roy Moore

I would like to let your newspaper know that your participation in the attack on Chief Justice Roy Moore is a travesty. Whatever happened to the news being reported without bias or opinions on the issue?

I am so sick of liberal media like The Birmingham News trying to force political correctness down our throats. Moore is a God-fearing man who is just trying to serve the citizens of Alabama with honor and truth.

Homosexuality is wrong, and Americans should never accept it or teach our children that it is normal. What will people like you tell us next? That it is OK to be a pedophile?

Why don’t you people report that the majority of Alabama’s citizens are in support of Moore, or does your paper only report things that are not harmful to the liberal agenda?

Thank you for allowing me to express my opinion. I really do hope that your editors in charge will start reporting the news with neutrality and quit attacking conservative public figures like Moore.

—Ronald Skinner, Warner Robins, Ga.


Letter: Phelps, Moore Speak the Truth (April 2, 2002)

I do not approve of gay people or gay rights. I do support and stand by Fred Phelps and his cause. Gays don’t deserve a right to adopt kids or go against the way that straight people live. This is the way we Americans were taught to raise our children, not any different from our standpoint.

I support Chief Justice Roy Moore and his right to do his job in court. What life would a child have being with gay people and seeing two same-sex partners in a house? He or she would be confused and brought to the wrong way of raising children and picking the right sex to marry or love.

—Frank McDonald, Winfield

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