Last edited: February 14, 2005

Letter: Roy Moore’s Shenanigans

Huntsville Times, February 19, 2002
Box 1437—West Station, Huntsville, AL 35807
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I would like to offer my wholehearted thanks to all those Alabamians out there who voted for Roy Moore as their Supreme Court Chief justice. This is because, as a Georgian, I am no longer worried that the rest of the nation will see my state as the biggest laughingstock; they will now look straight to "God’s Country" (Alabama).

Moore’s latest shenanigans include his Feb. 15 court decision that includes this Bible-thumping gem: "The common law designates homosexuality as an inherent evil." Oh really? Would you care to cite the section of Alabama’s state’s legal code where this can be found?

America has already been well introduced to Moore’s flagrant disrespect for the Constitution via his little back-door Decalogue display episode. Alabamians will soon be feeling the financial effects of this when their tax dollars are used to defend this bigot’s wanton violation of the First Amendment.

And now we Georgians rest easier at night knowing that the Peach state is in no danger of being ridiculed as much the "Ten Commandments in Every School" and a "No Gays Rule" state.

- Ried Crowe, Powder Springs, Ga.

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