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High Court Ruling May Affect Florida Law

NBC-2, June 26, 2003

TALLAHASSEE—Florida Attorney General Charlie Crist is reviewing whether a U.S. Supreme Court ruling on a gay sex ban in Texas will impact Florida. The high court overturned Texas’s law on sodomy on the grounds it was an unconstitutional invasion of privacy.

Crist is not sure how or if that will impact Florida’s strict law.

“The Supreme Court has the authority to make this kind of a decision. We need to respect the decision that they have made, and that’s what it means. I think that we would have to give it further review to make sure if it does or does not set a precedent, and obviously we need the opportunity to do that first before further comment, Crist said.

“I haven’t had a chance to read the ruling yet and so it probably would be prudent of me to make a comment before I’ve had that opportunity.”

Thirteen states have laws banning sodomy, defined as oral or anal sex. Four prohibit sodomy between same-sex couples; nine, including Florida, ban it for everyone.

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