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Letter: Gays Have Their Own Emancipation Proclamation

Seattle Post-Intelligencer, June 29, 2003
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At age 78, and a gay man since my teens, the Supreme Court’s Lawrence v. Texas ruling has allowed me to feel that today is my first day of full citizenship in this great country. We should all celebrate—those who are gay and those who are straight. To rule that private sexual behavior between consenting adults behind closed doors is not the state’s business and cannot be prosecuted is indeed as great a milestone for the homosexual community as the Emancipation Proclamation was for black slaves.

In passing, we should note which of the Supremes were against it—Rehnquist, Scalia and Thomas. These are the very justices President Bush most admires and will try to emulate in future nominees to the highest court. Thank God this landmark ruling preceded the ascension of any Bush appointee.

God Bless America!

- James A. Young, Seattle

Letter: Wise to Say No to Blatant Discrimination

 I am shocked and appalled by much of the public denunciation of the Supreme Court’s ruling in Lawrence v. Texas. While many Americans clearly do not support equal rights for homosexuals, there is no excuse to support a law that clearly violates the Constitution’s guarantee of personal liberty.

The high court acted justly, responsibly and completely within its mandate by overturning this blatantly discriminatory law. All arguments to the contrary are on a slippery slope with no basis in fact and mark their perpetrators as fascist and homophobic.

Those ignorant people who wish to oppress homosexuals and to “champion” the cause of families should focus on issues more important to that cause than making judgments against others out of fear and ignorance. Justices Rehnquist, Scalia, and Thomas should also be ashamed of themselves. There is no valid legal rationale for their dissent.

- Peter Cooper, Issaquah

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