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Letter: Narrow View of Families Reveals Lack of Respect

Sioux Falls Argus Leader, May 24, 1999
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In his letter in the Argus Leader, the Rev. David E. Den Haan objects to the use of the word "family" by nontraditional groups such as a single mother, her child and two gay male friends, or a gay married couple. To Den Haan, the only family is a married man and woman and their children.

However, according to Webster’s dictionary, family originally meant "all the people living in the same house; household." The current concept of a family being a married couple and their children has evolved from the original meaning as social custom has moved away from larger group "families" to the so-called "nuclear family."

Den Haan’s objection to older usages of family coming back into use reminds one of the word Sodomite. Under contemporary definition, the word denotes a person who engages in "unnatural" sex. However, if one studies the biblical story of Sodom, the word Sodomite, which means a person from Sodom, or a person who behaves like a person from Sodom, one finds that Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed for their lack of hospitality, their greed, not for homosexuality, as is often mistakenly indicated.

Which makes the good Rev. Den Haan a Sodomite as he clearly shows his lack of hospitality to others who are different from himself.

– Ken C. Scott, Honolulu, Hawaii

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