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Letter: Who Are the Real Sodomites?

Press & Dakotan, August 21, 1998
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In her letter (Press & Dakotan, July 30), Sue Hersman brings up an interesting question: "What does sodomy mean?" Webster’s Dictionary defines it as "any intercourse held to be abnormal." Which includes many options practiced by heterosexual couples.

But, let’s look at the word’s origins. Sodomy obviously comes from Sodom, which along with its neighboring city, Gomorrah, was destroyed by God. And why? The common belief is that the people of Sodom were homosexuals.

However, there is nothing to back up that myth. The men of Sodom wanted to "know" Lot’s visitors, clearly forcibly. When someone forces sex on another person, that’s rape. It is widely known that in days gone by, men who conquered other towns and villages would not only rape the women, but the men as well. This would establish a symbolic dominance, and symbolism, like superstitions, went a long way back then. And, if these men were gay, would Lot have offered his daughters instead? I think not.

It should further be noted that, while the Bible never says that God destroyed S&G for homosexuality, it specifically states that these cities were destroyed for "wickedness" and "inhospitality."

Inhospitality is best demonstrated these days in how many Christian churches ostracize God’s gay and lesbian children.

So, you tell me who’s the sodomite!

Ken Scott, Honolulu, Hawaii

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